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Originally Posted by Sheridan
Hi to all.

I would like to see support for multiple domains using one ssl cert in 3.x.
At the moment i've to add the needed configuration by hand. Not much of a hassle but would be nice to get this handled by simply checking the ssl option.
I think you ask two questions.
1. One Cert for multiple domains: this is not possible because of the way ssl is working. SSL Certs work for one domain and one IP. There is a special case for wildcard certs, which will allow multiple system hostnames to authenticate with the same Cert, but that's the only exception.

2. Simply checking the ssl option and less manual steps. Again, not possible, as acquiring an official cert mandates an exchange of information between you and the Certificate Authority (Thawte, Verisign, many others). And for self-signed certs, you only have to do ' create cert' and you're done.

Thanks for thinking with the developers, really appreciate it, but unfortunately your suggestion cannot be realized because of the design of SSL.
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