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Originally Posted by till
It is very unlikely that this is related as the setting is for a complete other PHP configuration and binary.

This problem is most likely not caused by any change made in ISPConfig. Did you update anything on your server or have you changed a locale setting in your linux installation?
No updates recently. I generally do a dist-upgrade right after a distro install and then I almost never do one again. Too many breakages involved with whole-sale upgrades.

I'm pretty sure I haven't shelled into this machine at all since the install - just been using ISPConfig to manage things. Something is definitely broken, though.

I looked through my Locale stuff. I'm not really sure what it should look like since I've never had a problem with this before. Considering I am using en_US, do these variables look right?

$LANG = en_US
$LANGUAGE = en_DE:en_US:en_GB:en

Seems odd to have en_DE first in the $LANGUAGE list...?
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