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Hey don't suppose you could provide a list of the modules within ISPConfig that would / will need to be re-written & an estimate on the time needed?
I dont have a exact list. Here is a small list of files and regions where I expect that changes are nescessary:

1) The installer needs some code for detecting the correct FreeBSD version. It is written in shell script. The file are setup and setup2

2) A section for 5.x freebsd must be added to dist.txt file, there are laready sections for the older 4.x series.

3) The firewall script must be changed as it uses iptables.

I MAY be able to get a re-write done for FreeBSD.
This would be great.

There also is another option. FreeBSD includes linux binary compatibilty &
ISPConfig compiles the binaries from source, I dont expect problems with freebsd in this area, so the binary compatibility is most likely not nescessary.

also has a FedoraCore linux base port which can be installed to allow linux apps designed/built for RedHat / FedoraCore systems to execute/work on a FreeBSD system. Cool eh
Maybe this helps. But does if it does not enable e.g. iptables in FreeBSD and make all file pathes compatible with fedora, it wont help in many areas.
Till Brehm
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