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Originally Posted by joostvdl
When I try to create a user I get an error when I give a Real Name:

Field: Real Name Only the following signs are allowed: a-z A-Z 0-9 - _ .

I tried:
Joost van der Locht
Joost vanderlocht

But all don't work. Only When I don't put a Real name in it, I can create a user.
I just started having this same problem yesterday. This is a working ISPConfig installation that has been running for weeks and has many email users. As of yesterday, however, whenever I try to create a new email user or even edit an existing one, I get the Field: Real Name Only the following signs are allowed: a-z A-Z 0-9 - _ . error.

The only thing I've done to this installation is change the config settings that deal with the "PHP Handler not entered" error from another thread in these forums. I've since reversed that setting back to its original as it didnt' solve my problem. In any case, I'm sure that isn't related to this problem.

How do I get by this problem? Can I disable the check somewhere? I'm the only one entering user names into this installation so I don't need the check.

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