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Post FreeBSD (linux compatibility)

Hi Till,

Hey don't suppose you could provide a list of the modules within ISPConfig that would / will need to be re-written & an estimate on the time needed?

I MAY be able to get a re-write done for FreeBSD.

There also is another option. FreeBSD includes linux binary compatibilty & also has a FedoraCore linux base port which can be installed to allow linux apps designed/built for RedHat / FedoraCore systems to execute/work on a FreeBSD system. Cool eh

[root@tstl /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base-fc4]# cat pkg-descr
This port contains packages from a near-minimal installation of Fedora Core
Linux 4. These packages, in conjunction with the linux kernel module,
form the basis of the Linux compatibility environment.

This port is only available for the i386/amd64 architecture (i386/32 bit mode).
If you use an Alpha computer, please install the linux_base port instead
of this one.

If you want to run X11 applications, install the x11/linux-XFree86-libs port.


Originally Posted by till
Hi Misterm,

as falko posted above, FreeBSD is not the same as linux. Even if you can install ISPConfig, it will not work on FreeBSD without writing some new libraries for Quota and Usermanangement, Firewall etc. This port can not be done without very good FreeBSD, PHP scripting and ISPConfig knowledge.
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