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Smile Request Feature Enhancement for ISPConfig 3.x

Firstly I like to thanks all developers and community members for this great product. Unfortunately I have to use plesk at work but once I can see an opening for ISPConfig I will suggest we go down this path.

Exuse my ignorance if these feature exist already and I just haven't found them.

My RFE is for templates in the domain side of things. Alot of the time we add domain with exactly the same information as the last domain (minus 1 or 2 changes). This would allow replication of the same information (e.g. NS1, NS2 MX A SPF ) much quicker and make it much easier for the resellers.

My Second RFE is for a some sort ISPConfig agent. This would be the first part of have multiple ISPConfig servers being controlled from one central system.

I think both of these feature would allow ISPConfig to be a real force in the data center and allow enterprise/consulting firms to offer commerical support and hence bring more developers and more users to the project.

This is just my 2cents worth.

Thanks inadvance & Regards,

Peter Tiggerdine
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