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Default openSuse10.2, ISPConfig, no PHP

Hopefully I have posted this in the right place now... previously I was trying to work through a problem here Transferring Hard Drive to new System.

Since my last post there I started from scratch with opensuse10.2 and the Perfect Setup for opensuse10.2. This time I did not perform the steps that indicated I would install ISPConfig at the end of the HowTo which I did not do. I loaded one of my sites and sure enough I was able to access PHP pages with no problems.

This leads me to believe that the issue is not with opensuse as some tried to convince me before. I don't believe the issue is with ISPConfig either, however I do believe there is something in the process of installing ISPConfig that is preventing my PHP pages from being accessed.

I like ISPConfig and would like to figure out why this is happening so I can continue to use it. :-) Since I reinstalled opensuse10.2 I don't have anymore of the files from the previous install. Still some information in the thread I linked above though.

Can we try to figure this out? It could be as simple as ISPConfig not setting my sites up under /srv/www/htdocs (I am thinking about the apache2 error log in the other thread... and that is where I loaded my site after this new install) but if that is the reason why didn't it? how do I fix it?
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