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Originally Posted by alvadore
May ask how you got the Mambo files into your site?

I've tried just moving an existing Mambo site from one server to the site I created on a fresh install of ISPConfig, and it will not work. I even logged in via SSH and created a phpinfo.php file that also will not display. However, if I take that same phpinfo.php file and use ISPConfigs "Web-FTP" file upload tool, it displays perfectly. Do you think this mean I'll need to move each and every Mambo file one by one? That would be inconceivably painful.

Perhaps I'm missing a step. I've read the manual and not found anything stating that they will only work if uploaded via the Web-FTP tool or that there are other steps to take if you uncompress them from a tarball.
You have to copy the files in the "web" folder, not in the root folder of the FTP account.
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