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Default ISPConfig Backups

Here is a cool feature that i've been thinking about for a while.

ISPConfig Backups.

Basically the server does the backups locally daily (/home/backup/ is what i'm using), and tarballs up the users files and gzip / bzip2. At the same time it does the database backup.

Basically all we need is an interface to enable the user via isp config to gain access to their backup and restore a backup should something seriously break (Dodgy bulletin board gets hacked, someone accidently overwrites something via FTP etc).

I think this is a much nicer way to do backups from a user perspective, sure they can still make their own backups if they want. But the host should be keeping at least 7 days worth of files, and at least 14 days worth of database dumps just in case. (The latest of these being stored offsite)

Feedback on this idea is appreciated.
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