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Originally Posted by Jorem
I just read all the posts a bit. Why don't you take CentOS 4.4. I used Suse and Mandrake before and wanted something what worked better. I liked Debian but for some reason not that mutch. I finally worked with CentOS and I like it a lot.

Just install using the Perfect Setup.

Install Webmin on it if you need more control:

rpm -ivh webmin-1.310-1.noarch.rpm

And just setup the rest of the system using the perfect Perfect Setup .
I am reluctant to try yet another setup... I forgot to mention before I tried Ubuntu also!

I like opensuse and it seems to have been working fine for me in the past. My problem now is trying to use 10.2 and rendering PHP pages from my sites.

I noticed in the Apache error log that when I have tried to access PHP pages the error
... Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /srv/www/htdocs/
is shown. I think that is telling me that somehow/somewhere a config file is pointing to /srv/www/htdocs/ and I do not believe it should be. I am not experienced enough to even begin knowing which config file to start looking at other than the Apache files.

I don't think it is in any of the ISPConfig files since the sites I setup were placed where they need to be.

Thanks again,
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