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Default bulk install of domain names

till et al-
after further research- i see that i need the dev tree of ispconfig. which aslo marked as not stable. can i assume from the length of time since its relase- that i can safely use it- this is my testbed for production. at this point i do not know enuff about ispconfig to be able to backup the system in the event i need to start over.

i am already at the point where i might have to re-install. i am having a problem with the ISP mananger left window- it is not loading. i have installed appx 120-150 domains by hand.
basic install- set up a reseller- and a user. all domains under one user.

i realise this is straying off the original topic, but i am still trying to get a grip on how the system flows.

thank you again for your time and patience.
keith t
slk groups
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