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Originally Posted by alvadore
I thin the main thing I'm needing to know is how to get PHP to work in sites created by ISPConfig.
If you have enabled PHP for the web sites in ISPConfig then PHP should work for these sites...

Originally Posted by alvadore
I'm not serving "hundreds of sites" just a handfull (less than twenty). It seems like ISPConfig should be able to handle that easily.
It doesn't matter if it's hundreds of sites or less than twenty. The point is that you cannot import these sites into ISPConfig, unless you create new web sites in ISPConfig and copy the files from the old web sites to their new location.

Originally Posted by alvadore
With that in mind, if I install ISPConfig on a freshly installed system and create sites with PHP enabled, will ISPConfig support PHP on those sites?

If I do that, I'll use Fedora Core 4 and wll follow the Perfect Server setup.
If you follow the tutorial step-by-step, then you won't have any problems.
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