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Thanks again, but maybe a slight misunderstanding....I am looking to capture several users external mail through fetchmail, postfix and ISP Config to then deliver to each user.

I am aware that somehow the 'web1_jason' is obviously going to linux user 'jason' but I am concerned this will continue to happen whereby user 'jason' will recieve all other users mail - As has happened when I altered the Fetchmailrc script to forward to 'web1_jenson' - It still came to user 'jason'

Just trying to understand what is going on and why/how it forwards to 'jason' when told by the fetchmailrc file to go to 'web1_jason' or 'web1_jenson'. It seems to be ignoring this file.....

Also there is no entry as yet in the etc/aliases re 'web1_jason'
I will bear this in mind to map other users should they wish to send everything via the linux user name!
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