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Default DNS stuff (bind cfg and theory)

hi guys,

I registered a domain name ending with .ro - during registration I was asked to enter DNS, I entered my IP for both primary and secondary.
now I got this email confirming that my request is being processed:

At the end of each month, a periodic zone check is performed for all the
domains to collect errors, hostcount and other domain statistics. You are very
kindly asked to allow zone transfer for the machines (, ( and ( These three machines
run software for the validation of the nameservers delegated to the .ro domains.
Also RIPE hostcount statistics depend on this data.
now what needs to be done with ispconfig? I guess I need to add a new site pointing to webspace, with the name and tick DNS so dns records will be set up.

is that all? I do not really know much about DNS, is there a link to a good site explaining DNS theory? I only know the "basics" about DNS and mx records, thats it. I mean I know you can't summarize it all in a few sentences but I just need a general overview, maybe an explanation of the terms used like zones, zone transfer, etc.
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