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There are 975 users already but no fear this is only needed to look for trouble, if it exist! I can enable an an need basis by enabling mailscan. It would be nice to have an "global" write config files, someware in the system along with "recreate users" as these will help tremendous with moving and transfering from one server to another. It mean you can migrate from an server with (as a sample) Mandriva to ubuntu by only moving the mysql data then press the button to re-populate all the config files controlled by ISPC [Über controll mode] the only missing part will be the passwords that need to be stored also on mysql
On that sunject I have had much trouble re-building group files from samples and passwd files as a result of missig the /etc/group in previous backups. It would be a nice feature to either globally backup and recreate the config files or per system like dns, or virtusertable, apache or any crucial system.
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