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Default Webmail / Webftp Issue

Hi guys!

I got two little problems.

1st webmail:

It's the webmail - package from ISPConfig website. I can read emails without any problems. But sendig a mail causes this error:

FEHLER: Diese Email konnte nicht versandt werden.

SMTP Error: Recipient not accepted. Verify your relay rules
sending mail with a normal mail - client works.

according to this issue. is use ssl - secured mail transfer, but the certificate is for "localhost" is there anyway of changing this without building a new cert?

2nd problem webftp:

it simply doesnt work. after logging ist this error:

Verbindung fehlgeshlagen mit Server localhost
then i looked at the server - status: ftp is down ???

using a ftp client everything works. (only the login takes up to 15 sekonds).

any ideas?

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