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Default almost done...

Hi to everyone,

POSTFIX is working perfectly, but there is problem:

I made user in mysql database, and then try to login but there is an error when
try to get it via telnet:
(use courrier-pop and courrier-auth):

Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Hello there.
user test3@virtual.test
+OK Password required.
pass test
-ERR chdir virtual.test/test3/ failed
Connection closed by foreign host.

and in /var/log/mail.log:

courierpop3login: chdir virtual.test/test3/: No such file or directory

Only when I send mail to that user or manually make directory
in /home/vmail/virtual.test it works!

Question is: how to automatically add user only via mysql, without need to send e-mail to user or to made directory?

Does it mean that every mail that is sended, POSTFIX will create new directory at /home/vmail/virtual.test ?


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