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Ok, I found the problem. My ICMP port was closed on the router therefore stopping ping replies. After opening the port on the router, I sucessfully installed Debian Sarge (Perfect Setup) and ISPConfig, however, there is a problem. I can't seem to get webmail working. Does this feature install automatically? I tried going to https://www.domain.tld:81/webmail/ and https://www.domain.tld/webmail/ and both doesn't work. Did I do something wrong?

I've set up a client and website in ISPConfig and I can use pop3 to send and receive mails, but i would also like the webmail feature. Any suggestions?

Also, I've installed webmin and started the service. I've also opened the port, port 10000, in the router. However, when I tried to access the page, I get the security alert and hit yes to it, but it just gives me a message saying that i'm not authorized to view this page. Should I try a reinstall?
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