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Originally Posted by falko
Some people reported that PHP files weren't shown correctly by Apache on OpenSuSE 10.2, although it worked for me.
I do seem to have this problem now... I got everything transferred over and running off the new server but when I go to any of the pages I host that have links to PHP pages (guestbook, gallery) and click on the link it asks if I want to "Open with; or save to disk".

I do recall there was a problem with one module failing to load during installation. However, it appered to be the same problem as with previous suse versions, a "duplicate" rpm, and I clicked "Ignore" and proceeded with the download and install.

I did some research and could find no issues regarding 10.2/Apache2/PHP. I did for Enterprise but it is using Apache?Tomcat. It mentions installing another program... see this PHP .

I also double checked /etc/sysconfig/apache2 because during set-up we modify this adding "rewrite" and all seems to be well there.

Thoughts, suggestions... ?
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