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Default Websites management with ISPConfig in fedora 6

Hey guys. i do have some problems with my ISPConfig installed on Fedora 6.
i installed it and.. it seems to work... i did tested it .. i got a domain name.. and.. it works.
The thing is.. that.. i want to add websites on my server. so.. i went through the steps.. in the ISPConfig manual.. .. and.. i pressed New Site button.. and.. i created a website in the ISPConfig panel. when i got back on the server.. .. i fount a new folder created there..
.. named after the domain of the website.
it is created in the same folder where i have the HTML folder. In HTML, there's an INDEX.HTM page, which is oppened everytime i try to connect to the website i created.
So... this index.htm page.. is oppened either if i connect to my own domain, or to the new website's domain.

now.. what i need help in:

- after i create a new website in ISPConfig.. how do i change its folder contents in order to ... every time i connect to the website (through internet), for that individual domain name, i will get THAT website.. and not.. just.. that index.htm initial file from html folder?

-if the folder html has to contain the first webpage of every website, how can i do this difference if i have more than one website there? i mean.... i can't add .. 5 files with name index.htm.

Please help me!
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