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Unhappy thanks and more questions

thanks for the quick replies; things started hummin along today - somewhere on page 4 I realized (after reading thru helps and posts) my host/hostname/domain conventions were really dorked up. Kind of like spaghetti to fix I thought it would be easier to reinstall which I did probably 3 more times since. Now for some reason, every file or action that I attempt tells me I don't have privledges. This was not happpening on the first install - I thought the su would stick throughout the process; at least it did the one time. Just following the ISP procedure - not venturing anywhere else. Is it possible when recreating those partitions that the new install retains some kind of data from the former? My brain is fried at the moment but what is the best practice to get around this permissions thing? Gedit is kind of a pain - I prefer the prompt if possible. Just to be clear - when I try to vi a file (doing sudo first) at the bottom of the file it will say Read Only; :x! has no effect. It did not do this before - or maybe I am losing it!

Thanks for you patience with this - Bill

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