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i'm impressed with the speed using winxp guest compared to vmware. VB is actually faster and the response is more fluid than vmware and paralells. i suppose it's because it's still limitted in functionallity compared to the two paywares.

I found a how-to with setting the guest a stitic IP using Host networking. It still has some quirks but I suppose if someone knows how to build a script for it shouldn't be a problem. I'm still struggling on how to be ble to run more than one guest without having problems with bridging.

VirtualBox Host networking:

I'm also having a hell of a time trying to get my USB dongle, Webcam, and PocketPC detected. I've done everything on the following link. just doesn't detect the devices under winxp guest.

VirtualBox USB problems:

PS, don't worry about Beryl/Compiz. it's really not worth it if stability is your first priority on your box .
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