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Default ISPCONFIG with Zimbra, or Scalix?

I think we all agree that ISPconfig is a great product. I really like the invoice ability, and especially how it divides the different domains for website administration. I find these features absolutely invaluable. One piece that is a setback is the administration of multiple domains. Though I know this will be available in the new version, I am compelled to look for a different email alternative. The web management is a very important feature, so I looked at Zimbra. Full of really awesome features, Zimbra is an absolutely phenomenal piece of software. I got mine working with very little help from our friend google, (I admittedly, am no Linux guru.)

I open this thread to conversation about installing ISPconfig with Zimbra, or Scalix. Does anyone have experience with this configuration? Pros and Cons about it?

A howto would be priceless!
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