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Originally Posted by falko
No, I mean the controller where you plug in the HDD on the new system. For example, if your HDD was /dev/hda on the old system, and you use the wrong controller on the new system, it might be recognized as /dev/hdc there instead of /dev/hda.
Got it... how would I find that out? The new system has never had a Linux designation such as /hda or /hdc and the mother boards are both the same and I am even using the same Sata connector on the board.

When I do try to boot to the Linux drive in the new system it goes to a text login (system login screen. I can login as root from there, is there a way I can check or change it from there? I will start researching Linux commands also and see what I can dig up... and check the BIOs and see what I can do from there.

Final option is to do a clean install but how difficult is it to transfer all the ISPConfig data, domains, sites, users over to the new drive? Would it be as easy as copying specific folders over?
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