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Default PHP/MySQL/Apache2/ISPConfig configuration issues?

A web site application I have been running on a Fedora 4 system using PHP-5 & MySQL-4 broke when I moved it to a Suse 10.0 system with the same versions of PHP & MySQL; I can no longer upload a file and move it to a known directory even though all permissions are set. i.e. (chmod 0777) the problem appears to be in the PHP configuration. The upload and copy does work if I keep everything in the phptmp directory. But, when I try to copy it to another directory (Linux permissions set for all) it will not work. I have compared the PHP settings from both systems by running phpinfo.php, but nothing really stands out as being very different. I was going to change one or two things, but when I looked at the php.ini files on the Suse system. The configuration is not the same as it should be based on the output using phpinfo.php. I am not sure how these configuration settings are being set? I found four different php.ini files, but one setting was turned off in all of them yet displayed as being on by phpinfo.php in the local settings column, very confusing. I am also running with ISPConfig on the Suse system. This is the only major difference from the Fedora system.

A related problem appears to be with the MySQL privileges. After I upload a file then I recreate a database table from the uploaded file. I have granted all privileges on the database in question to the MySQL user, but it will not properly perform a load data function. It truncates the table OK but does not reload the new version. I get some error message indicating the file needs to be in the database directory or must have read permissions for the database user. But since I am unable to copy the file to the proper directory or use the exec function, I am unable to fix this problem.

I also want to be able to run system commands from PHP using the exec function. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

I am pretty sure all of these problems can be solved by properly configuring the PHP, but I have been unsuccessful in doing so. It may be because of ISPConfig?
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