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Originally Posted by falko
If the new system has the same IP address as the old one and you plug in the HDD on the same controller, then there should be no problem.
If the IP address has changed, take a look here:
Controller being the same as network/router etc... ? The IP crossed my mind this morning and I was going to try that again today. I did not change the internal IP address before I tried it yesterday. e.g. the HDD was on and the machine I put it in and tried was

Thanks, I'll let you know if I was successful. :-)

Well... that didn't work! I went in and changed the IP of the box I am wanting to use to what is listed for ISPConfig and the sites. Restarted then shut it down. Disconnected the current drive which is WinXP and placed in the Linux drive the restarted again. Still taking me to a text login screen. Just out of curiosity could it be that it is actually working but no in GUI mode!? huh... let me test that... Wish I would think of these things before I restore back to the old box!

No... it just is not booting up to the Linux HDD for some reason. Interesting because the mobo's are the same but there is a huge difference in cpu and memory.

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