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Default SMTP problem solved

Hello there,

First of all, my ISP company does not block port 25,

As per, Perfect Setup Core 6, after installing ISPConfig,
the maildir option has to be checked, which is located in
Management > settings > Email

I have always done this.

In previous installs, /etc/postfix/
included the following lines, at the bottom of the page.

home_mailbox = Maildir/
mailbox_command =

after another complete reinstall, I discovered, I could in fact receive email.
I reviewed /etc/postfix/
and saw the previous mentioned two lines missing,
so I typed them in and restarted postfix, only to find out
I could not receive email anymore.

I deleted the two lines and sure enough I could receive email once again.

Yippy! I'm back to deleting spam from my email box!

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