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Originally Posted by SleeperZ
If you have 2 ip addresses you can set them up to run on a seperate ip address without any problems.

I have done this and have ISPConfig on port 443 on 1 ip and apache running on another ip on 80 & 443. So far it seems to be working great.
OK I undertstand ispconfig uses it's own apache.

The current apache2 I have is not installed by rpm infact is used includes compilation of:

- APACHE 2.0.55
- Typo3 3.8.0 + Testsite Package
- MySQL 4.1.14
- PHP 4.4.0
- GD-2.0.33 (incl. GIF Support!)
- libTiff-V3.7.4
- gettext-0.14.5
- zlib 1.2.3
- PDFLib 5.0.4p1
- Freetype 2.1.10

/usr/local/typo3/ is where my current apache is located and the websites are
also located below this but I can move them to /var/www if needed anyway maybe my typo3 installation will complain about the php5.

I can also move the port used by my current apache installation from 80 to 8081 and let my firewall do portforward from public ip to 192.168.10:8081
and let ispconfig handle another apache running on the same server.

I can backup my current configuration files - also but I just like to avoid downtime and make the installation of ispconfig but maybe it's more easy to use but what like about ispconfig is that it also handle mail configuration/compilation etc.

Suggestion are welcome
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