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oldish topic but any
IRC channel is good and also bad

good when you need a live help on a problem when its could be one of many things or trying to work out a problem

but bad:
but than someone else has the same problem .. and they cant find out the info on how to fix that problem ....

so they give up

here an example:

someone else worked out how to get vmware workstation on FC6 but it was in an IRC room : i come alone looking for info on forums on how to do it myself
cant find it
give up ... and go back to what i know best ...

and thats windows desktop OS

here another one
the IRC howto
i had a lot of problems at times i had email help form craz1 ... what i do when i habe a problem i just him .. via email or his irc room .. for help
when he was there it was live help
and able to get a problem fix in mins vs hours of waiting and replying

and same with the services server i had problems getting that to build .

so the irc has its good and bad points ..
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