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Originally Posted by joshenry
Line 9153 in /usr/sbin/amavisd:

DBI->VERSION(1.43) if $extra_code_sql_base; # need working last_insert_id

I changed it to:

DBI->VERSION(1.40) if $extra_code_sql_base; # need working last_insert_id

Am I going to break anything?
I don't know if this will break anything.
But you could try to install the newest BDI like this:
perl -MCPAN -e shell
install DBI

Originally Posted by joshenry
When I create the script for scanning mail then try to execute it "/usr/local/sbin/" it just drops one line and sits there til I hit Ctrl-C. I've tried recreating the script in case something got missed but no go.
What the line it shows?
Did you save the script with Unix linebreaks (Windows linebreaks don't work)? Did you disable SELinux?

Originally Posted by joshenry
Also, when I try to telnet to the server on smtp it just drops a line and sits there (In Linux I can't exit the line, I have to close the window and restart the session). Does the same thing in windows...locks the window when I telnet to smtp :-/
What's in /etc/postfix/ (please strip out the comments)? What's the output of
hostname -f
? What's in /etc/hosts? Any error messages in your mail log?
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