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Default Selectable install packages.

Alright, i'm back, was a bit busy, but ive got a week off, so i'm totally going to get ISPconfig to better than cPanel. Anyway, i had an idea. Now, if we want to expand, we should offer more functionality for other RDBMS's and other software.. Now, the problem with this is that we should not have them all in the installer, but with my new one, make it so that they can choose.

This is what i propose - we need to have support for say, ruby, PHP, Perl, python, etc, but not have them installed as default. Now, say i make some scripts which are either PHP or bash, or both, which download the packages, and then installs them, and notifies the main web-based program that they require admin for it, and it adds the option, say "manage postgresql/python/perl, etc".

so, without rambling, this is what i propose to do.

* Have core components that are installed from web or hd.
* Then, have optional software that can be installed by PHP scripts, or bash which can be run, install the software on the machine.
* Then, the web fontend gets notified, and the admin then gets the options to admin it.

software i can make install scripts for is ;
* Ruby for Apache
* Perl
* Python
* postgreSQL (although i think this should be pushed as a good option)
* Firebird SQL
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