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Default System update without config loss

Thanks for the reply and great link the dotdeb, just another question if you allow me.

If I add the dotweb to apt-get sources I would be great to have not only mysql but all the services with versions more up-to-date than the "standar stable" versions that use to be older.

The question is if I make an apt-get update, the apt-get upgrade, and the system install the new versions for paquets like postfix, apache, courier...

┐Will the system de able to maintain configuration of the different programs and continue running all of them integrated with ISPConfig like before the update? Or I will have to modify again configuration files of postfix, apache, ...

Is very important to maintain up-to-date versions for security reasons but i feel a lot of fear of start again the configuration.

Anyway if I lost config, what do you think could be the most faster and easy method for dissaster recovery (Ghost is not an option, I only have console access).

THanks a lot for your help and for the software, Is a great panel.
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