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Default 90% perfect (can't receive mail)

Hi there people

I did the Ubuntu Perfect Install. The webpages all load great, the domains resolve properly, but my problem is with email.

I've got several domains on it.

I have a problem with one and the other seems good:

When I send mail to the email goes through and I receive it at that box. But in my ISPConfig I configured it to forward it to another email (and keep a copy). The email is never forwarded but the copy is there.

When I send mail to the email doesn't get through at all, after 13 hours I receive an error msg saying Timed Out.

Both DNS configurations of and look pretty much the same, so I really don't know what's making this happen.

Can you maybe dig the servers and see what's wrong, or tell me how to fix it in ISPConfig?

Thanks in advance
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