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Default LVM to non LVM

Originally Posted by falko
I'd create a new volume group and logical volume with /dev/hda2 and then mount it somewhere. Afterwards you can copy the files.
I do not want to use LVM on /dev/hdb (the master drive)

Here is why:

I installed FC5 on a new hard drive using the default LVM.

I connected my old hard drive as slave. It had FC4 installed using the default LVM.

I was never able to mount any thing from the old hard drive. I was never able to find anyone who knew how t do that.

I was advised by many people who had lots of Linux experience to never use LVM, as I would have trouble transferring files from an old slave drive to a new install on a new master drive.

I now have FC5 on the new hard drive (hdb)that does not use LVM, and want to move some of my files (home) from hda (slave) to hdb (master)

I would also like to know how to do the same in the case that both the master and the slave use LVM.

I was suprised that the slave came up as hda, and the master as hdb
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