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Default Can't send outside domain

Hopefully this is the last issue I come across, I have everything up and running an email server running Ubuntu 5.1 and postfix courier imap and can send and receive from the domain fine, I can receive from any other domain, I just cannot send to them. I have read a lot about port 25 being blocked by my provider, is that possible? When I try to send my mail client give this message:

Server replied: 554 <>: Relay access denied

and I am tailing the mail.log and see this:

NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT:from unknown[my web server's ip address]

Is this enough information to determine some possible causes? thanks!!

Ok I also see this in the log:

ERROR:5.7.1:550 Mail Refused - - See (port 25) and when reading that site it basically says they block it, soooo...I'm out of luck??

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