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Default follow up

Hmmm SASL and POP3 are 2 different things yes..
But in the perfect install they follow up each other to make the postfix install ready, so I thats why I thougt that.

And no I have not installed courier as pop3 as far as I know.
It comes up twice during the install but I did not installed it.
Just to be sure I have enabled Maildir under Management -> Server -> Settings -> EMail in the ISPConfig web interface.
Still the same error so no luck there.

To test some more I installed webmail.
Unfortunatly I first get the SSL YES/NO question and then page not found.

As debian/etch is verry much related to Ubuntu6.10,and the postfix installation part looks more like the one of Echt.
I will try to reconfigure/install postfix following the perfect ubuntu6.10 install.

Probably have to reinstall ISP config afterward? right?

Anyway thanks for the help so far!!
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