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Thank you again falco (as always )

The mail log doesn`t tell me what IP the messages is being sent from, what user account etc... So with my limeted skills I can`t read mutch out of it.

Is there any way to set that one account only can send 100 e-mails per houer or something like that, and if it sends more I get an alert so that I can change the password.....

Maybe another solution you could reccomend?

What does this config do:
This is for relaying right? And would not help in this case..?

All the how to`s and guides I find consentrate on stopping incoming spam.
On this front I got a nice solution with ISPConfig and spamassasin, clam etc.
Any (noob) howtos you can reccomend on this?

I hate the fackt that my server is used to send even more spam out in the world

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