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Not sure if it helps, but I've gone to line 226 of writeconf.php, which contains the query:-

select dns_isp_dns.doc_id from dns_nodes,dns_isp_dns WHERE dns_nodes.doc_id = dns_isp_dns.doc_id AND dns_nodes.doctype_id = '".$isp_web->dns_doctype_id."' AND dns_isp_dns.status != ''

I have replaced $isp_web->dns_doctype_id with the value listed in the file (1016) and run that query through MySQL. It does return results when I do it manually, meaning that there is either a problem when the query runs in the program or one of the following lines is not working:-

$bind_restart = 0;
foreach($dns_write as $write){
$doc_id = $write["doc_id"];
$bind_restart += $mod->dns->make_zonefile($doc_id);
$mod->db->query("UPDATE dns_isp_dns SET status = '' where doc_id = '$doc_id'");

It is not running the query 'UPDATE dns_isp_dns SET status = '' where doc_id = '$doc_id'' as the status is not changing. Therefore, it is likely that if(!empty($dns_write)) is returning false or the foreach loop is not being entered, perhaps because $dns_write is not an array. If the foreach loop was being entered, the status would be reset.

My question, therefore, is whether I could invoke the code manually from the shell and output the query.

Thanks in advance
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