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Default DNS records fail to be created


I have ISPConfig version 2.0.9 installed on FC4, with a pretty standard installation.

I have previously managed to successfully set up websites using the 'Crete DNS' option. Until today, the sites and the DNS settings have been set up flawlessly.

Since the last sucessful DNS update, I have made 2 changes to the server, which might be of note:-

1. I have disabled IPv6 since it was slowing down DNS resolution.
2. I have updated server packages using yum.

The following packages related to BIND were included in the update:-
bind-utils.i386 24:9.3.1-14_FC4
bind.i386 24:9.3.1-14_FC4
bind-chroot.i386 24:9.3.1-14_FC4

I have done some further digging in the database and in ispconfig.log.

I can confirm that the DNS records added are in that database, with the status flag set as 'n'.

The ispconfig log shows a corresponding 'Signalfile Set: insert' when I add the domain. The site is set up as a vhost in httpd, but there is no reference in the log to ispconfig_bind.lib.php being called.

I am at a loss as to why DNS is not being set up, but the site is. Can anybody shed some light on it?

Thanks in advance
Ronnie Davies
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