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I would like to correct one detail included in my initial posting

--starts here

The master DNS / webserver is and this appears in the co-domain section for all the other websites.


the master DNS is indeed


In DNS Manger section there is a tab called 'Co-Domains'
and each domain has an entry...

for example www.writersxxxx

Co-Domains www.writersxxxx

for example


Presently each domain has an entry in the Co-Domains section
which refers to one and the same IP Address
and its own respective domain name.

As well, within Co-Domains tab when I click on the IP address
there appears another set of tabs 'Forward' and 'Options'

In 'Options' tab there is a a drop down menu with the following choices.

External Mail Server
Internal Mail Server

Currently, Internal Mail Server is selected. (all accounts)

HELP! I have not received email through my regular mailbox for a week now...I miss my spam...!!

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