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Thank's for this roadmap, it's full of good ideas for the next Major release. For my part, the AWStats installer has been merged into SVN, but I still have to test a full install from a SVN checkout.

For the Mailman feature, it is usable, but it still needs a lot of attention. Actually it's a patch against 2.2.9, it only works with postfix, and I only tested it on Debian. As I am just a human, it's also surely contains a lot of Bugs. I order to make it a stable feature it needs alot of testing.

For me the most interesting feautures of your list are (but this is just my point of view):
Originally Posted by till
- Creating maildirs with maildirmake when a user is created instead of letting postfix do it. Then a list of additional mail folders might be defined.
- user cron-jobs
- webdav
For the translation of comments as I speak german, I will try to help you whith this point.

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