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Originally Posted by falko
What's in Apache's error log? What's the output of
httpd -t
Syntax OK.

As I said, I could identify no problems either in the syntax of the Apache config, or in the installation (I really did follow your perfect setup). It is just that the AddType directive does not seem to have ANY effect at all.
The OpenSUSE 10.2 disk I used is the DVD image downloaded a few days ago from

I had about twenty more questions but reading through the forum answered almost everything. Your support is extraordinary.

I would like to ask one more thing, though. I understand you like Debian (and so did I , until I had to provide PHP5 and MySQL5 and leave the stable release) and mentioned somewhere you don't recommend OpenSUSE 10.2 for a production system. What is the reason? I'd love to have Debian but I have a 3ware RAID controller and MySQL5 is a must and I'd love to be able to do apt-get update; apt-get upgrade... :-))

Thank you for your help in advance.
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