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Default ISPConfig Roadmap

I'am currently trying to make a roadmap for the next ISPConfig relaeses and like to hear your suggestions, comments and where you are currently working on. I will split the roadmap in 2 parts, one for the ISPConfig 2.2.x stable releases and one for the ISPConfig 2.3.x dev releases (trunk in SVN).

I think its time to get the current dev release to a point where we can make a new stable branch out of it.

Here are my ideas:

ISPConfig 2.2.x

Just bugfixing and support for new versions of the current supported linux distributions without adding new features

ISPConfig 2.3.x (Dev)

There are many nice new features in the dev branch already, but there was no new dev release for some time because the new script for writing the postfix and sendmail configuration is not finished yet. I'am currently working on it.

Here is a list of new features that I would like to see in the next 2.3.x releases or that are already implemented but not released in 2.3.1:

- Enable / Disable FTP for every user individualy (till, finished).
- Support for AWStats (jnsc, in progress).
- Support for mailman mailing lists (jnsc, in progress).
- Being able to select for which of the domains of a website a email address is created (till, Interface is finished, backend librarys are finished 60%). This is currently the main thing that has to be fixed to make a new dev release.

And many many improvements and bugfixes and translations from other developers, please look at the SVN log for a full list.

When you are currently working on new features, plesae post them.

My Ideas for new features and improvements:

- Selector for the type of apache rewrite rule ISPConfig uses for co-domains to create "real" subdomains where the URL does not change in the browser.
- Support for FreeBSD
- Improve the manuals and include the latest features. A "How to get started with ISPConfig" would be nice too.
- Record sorting and paging for all "inline lists" like co-domains, users and DNS-A, MX and cname records. If this is implemeted once, it will apply to all of these lists automatically.
- User prefix for usernames.
- Creating maildirs with maildirmake when a user is created instead of letting postfix do it. Then a list of additional mail folders might be defined.
- user cron-jobs
- webdav
- mod_mono and mod_python support
- Add a check routine to the installer that makes sure that the libxml2 librarys are installed.
- Translate all german comments in the code to english. In the early ISPConfig development, all developers where native german speakers and so there are many german comments in the code. This is a big problem now and I'am trying to translate them step by step to english, when I edit a file. It will be nice if german speaking developers might help me in translating comments to english when they are working on the files.

This are just my ideas. Please comment and post your priorities and ideas. If you are alreday working on some functions or like to implement a new feature, please let me know so we can coordinate our efforts.

I will try to make a official roadmap as result of this thread where we define our priorities for the next releases and get an overview who is implementing which feature. This will make it easier for new developers to get started with ISPConfig development.
Till Brehm
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