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Default ISPC 2.2.9: Invalid user shell on Ubuntu/Debian

Just figured that regular users are created by ISPConfig with a default shell of /dev/null. Unfortunately, this is invalid on Debian based systems, as the shell has to be an executable program/script. The most easy way I believe is to change the shell to /bin/false.

Looking at ISPConfig 2.2.9, I think the only place to modify this is in
and change the in function deactivateuser (lines 115 - 125) the shell, so the script will now look like:
PHP Code:
function deactivateuser($user_username){
$passwort str_rot13($this->getpasswd($user_username));
$user_attr $this->get_user_attributes($user_username);
$uid $user_attr["uid"];
$gid $user_attr["gid"];
$username $user_attr["name"];
$homedir $user_attr["homedir"];
$shell "/bin/false";                  //  <======= Change this line

I believe this will work for any Linux distribution.
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