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I've had some success using http proxy stuff.

ie: say this is my URL for ispconfig:
I then setup a new SSL vhost ( containing this:
SSLProxyEngine On
ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPass /ispconfig
ProxyPassReverse /ispconfig
ProxyPass /design
ProxyPassReverse /design
ProxyPass /squirrelmail
ProxyPassReverse /squirrelmail

Not really sure what Im doing ! - just copying something I did when setting
up ntop.

With the above set-up ispconfig seems to work just fine - ie: over port 80,
proxied to port 81. - via

However the squirrelmail doesnt quite work - once I've logged in to
squirrelmail ( via ), I see my mail OK but
the URL , annoyingly , changes to :
ie: seems to go back to port 81.

Bit stuck now - maybe someone can take this forward ?
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