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Originally Posted by till
To the original post from Herbert:

There is no such variable without the part appended. If you need this variable, you will have to create your own and add it to the make_vhost function in the file /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/config.lib.php
Ok thanks, i have done..

// Variablen zuweisen
$mod->tpl->assign( array( SERVERNAME => $servername.$web_port,
IP => $web["web_ip"].$web_port,
SERVERNAME1 => $servername,
DOCUMENTROOT => $document_root,
SERVERALIAS => $serveralias,

I get with {SERVERNAME1} the domainname without :81
In the file vhost.conf.master i put:
Redirect /webmail "https://{SERVERNAME1}:81/webmail"
Its works..
But a redirect is not good, i need i Rewrite Rule
The rewrite rule must working from http to https and nothing works.
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