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Default ISPCONFIG - JOOMLA - extensions (images) issue

I've installed a coupe of test sites using ISPCONFIG (on a vmware test machine with the precompiled image).

With the exception of not having a spec file to properly re-issue the certificate (it is not in the standard place, but hey, it' only a test).

I can set up a user, create sites, FTP content, etc. no problem.

As an example, if I create a brand new site it works fine. If I add a component/module there is an issue with permissions on ISPCONFIG.

I get:

"403 Forbidden"

The following error occurred:

You are not permitted to access the requested URL

Please contact the Webmaster with any queries.

This happens with multiple components/modules. And it seems to only relate to "images". They are not broken links, they simply will not show up in the page. I am sure the relative link, live site config and DNS are working exactly as they should.

It only happens when you add a module into the Joomla (virtuemart fails to show any images, same with Jevents). If I install the virtue ecommerce edition of Joomla it's fine. But if I add a module AFTER the original install, it still fails to show images and looks cosmetically like a permissions issue somewhere.

Does anyone have any insight on this? I am installing with the same user that owns the web site, I have also checked the permissions on the directory. I works fine on other control panels, just not with ISPCONFIG in the manner I have it deployed to test. Any ideas?
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