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Unhappy Apache 301 redirect - file names with spaces

I've taken over a website that has been maintained by someone who didn't know what he was doing.

Most of the old pages had file names such as "Ticket Order Form (Day Tickets).htm"

I want to point people who come looking for the old pages to the new, properly named pages.

I've been trying to do it using an apache rewrite command in the .htaccess file in the web directory. The problem is that it won't work with any files that have spaces in the old names (that's nearly all of them)

Redirect 301 /Ticket%20Order%20Form%20%20(Day%20Tickets).htm
gets me a 404 file not found error
Redirect 301 /Ticket Order Form (Day Tickets).htm
gets me (as expected) a 500 server error.

It works fine for Redirect 301 /default.htm

Debian 3.1 perfect build, ISPConfig 2.2.9

Any suggestions?
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