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Originally Posted by martinfst
A quick test gives an expected result.
~$ telnet 110
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Hello there.
user test
+OK Password required.
password hello
-ERR Invalid command.
user test
+OK Password required.
pass hallo
-ERR Login failed.
All the + and - responses are from your server and you should probably see in your logfiles me testing. You can do more tests yourself by using a valid user name on your system and follow a procedure like:
Type: user "username"
Type: pass "password"
Type: list
You will then get a list over the mails in your mailbox
Type: retr "mailnumber"
You will then see the mail with the mail number
End the session by typing "Quit"
Mind you, that you have a little amount of time before the POP3 server gives up (around 5 seconds, so be prepared and type quickly)
Dear Martin

It dosen't solve my problem with my firewall or something like that.

Best Regards
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