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Originally Posted by falko
I don't think it's a good idea to incapacitate users with a cron job. If we did this, we will have dozens of posts asking why ISPConfig changes the permissions of scripts without asking...
you are right. This is in deep a problem. but the other side is: how many users didn't know anything about rights. they upload a file and wonder why the script returns a 500 error.

maybe a hint at the 500-page itself is a good idea?

by the way: suphp has the same "problem". ISPConfig by default sets the document-root of the web to "group writeable" and your howto for suphp at this site sets the config of suphp to "create error if the dir is group writeable". This means, suphp will not work if u install suphp like your howto says. only after changing
instead of false, suphp works fine. If you don't change the line you get a 500
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